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William Henry Fox Talbot
Cameron Julla
Muybrige Eadweard
Timothy O'Sullivan
Riis Jacob
Atget Eugene
Stieglitz  Alfred
Bellocg E.J.
Hine Levis
Steichen Edward
Coburn Alvin
  Cunningham Imogen



Coburn, Alvin Langdon

(b Boston, MA, 11 June 1882; d Colwyn Bay, 23 Oct 1966). American photographer, active also in Britain. He was greatly influenced by his mother, a keen amateur photographer, and began taking photographs at the age of eight. He travelled to England in 1899 with his mother and his cousin, F. Holland Day. Coburn developed substantial contacts in the photography world in New York and London, and in 1900 he took part in the New School of American Pictorial Photography exhibition (London, Royal Phot. Soc.), which Day organized. In 1902 he was elected a member of the Photo-Secession, founded by Alfred Stieglitz to raise the standards of pictorial photography. A year later he was elected a member of the Brotherhood of the LINKED RING in Britain. 


Coburn Alvin











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