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Franz Xavier Winterhalter


Franz Xavier Winterhalter

(b Menzenschwand, Baden Württemberg, 20 April 1805; d Frankfurt am Main, 8 July 1873).

German painter and lithographer. He trained as a draughtsman and lithographer in the workshop of Karl Ludwig Schüler (1785–1852) in Freiburg im Breisgau and went to Munich in 1823, sponsored by the industrialist Baron Eichtal. In 1825 he began a course of study at the Akademie and was granted a stipend by Ludwig I, Grand Duke of Baden. The theoretical approach to art of the Akademie under the direction of Peter Cornelius was unfamiliar to him, as in Freiburg he had been required to paint in a popular style. He found the stimulus for his future development in the studio of Joseph Stieler, a portrait painter who was much in demand and who derived inspiration from French painting. Winterhalter became his collaborator in 1825. From Stieler he learnt to make the heads of figures emerge from shadow and to use light in the modelling of faces. He moved to Karlsruhe in 1830 with his brother Hermann Winterhalter (1808–92), who had also trained with Schüler and had followed him to Munich.



Sophie Guillemette, Grand Duchess of Baden


Portrait of Madame Ackerman


The Empress Eugenie a la Marie-Antoinette


Young Italian Girl by the Well


Katarzyna Branicka, Countess Potocka


The First of May


A Full-Length Portrait Of H.R.H Princess Marie-Clementine Of Orleans




Florinda (detail)


Jadwiga Potocka, Countess Branicka


The Decameron


Roman Genre Scene




Harriet Howard, Duchess of Sutherland


Ludwig, Graf Von Langenstein

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