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Max Liebermann


Max Liebermann

(b Berlin, 20 July 1847; d Berlin, 8 Feb 1935).

German painter, draughtsman, printmaker and collector. He dominated the German art world from the 1890s to the 1930s. Although at first a highly controversial figure, after the turn of the century he was showered with honours. His Naturalist and Impressionist works have been consistently admired, despite being banned during the Nazi period. Liebermann’s approach was that of a liberal cosmopolitan, and his work is distinguished by its honesty and commitment to social reform. Influenced by Dutch and French painting, he led the modernist movement in Germany away from the literary art of the 19th century.





The Flax Workers


Country Tavern at Brunnenburg


Boys Bathing


On the Way to School in Edam


Country Tavern at Brunnenburg


An Old Woman with Cat


Country House at Hilversum


The Dunes at Noordwijk

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