The Early Renaissance





Bernardino Pinturicchio

(b Perugia, c. 1452; d Siena, 11 Dec 1513). Italian painter. He collaborated with Perugino in 1481–2 in the Sistine Chapel, Rome, and quickly established his reputation as a painter of distinctive and picturesque decorative cycles. His most important commissions included the decoration (1492–4) of the Borgia Apartments in the Vatican Palace, Rome, for Pope Alexander VI and the large fresco cycle (1502–1507/8) in the library of Siena Cathedral, depicting the Life of Aeneas Silvius Piccolomini, for Cardinal Francesco Todeschini Piccolomini (later Pope Pius III).



The Crucifixion with Sts Jerome and Christopher

c. 1471
Galleria Borghese, Rome



Adoration of the Christ Child

c. 1490
Santa Maria del Popolo, Rome


Death of St. Bernardine

Cappella Bufalini, Santa Maria in Aracoeli, Rome

The Return of Odysseus

National Gallery, London

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