The High Renaissance



Dosso Dossi


Dosso Dossi

(b ?Ferrara, c. 1490; d Ferrara, 1541–2).

Although responsive to a wide range of outside influences, the most important of which were probably those of Giorgione in Venice and Raphael in Rome, he was an artist of great originality with a strong feeling for effects of light and colour. Landscape plays a prominent and highly expressive role in his work. He was employed, as were also the poets Matteomaria Boiardo (?1441–94) and Ludovico Ariosto, at the court of Ferrara, which was internationally renowned for its culture, especially its musical life and collections of art: one of his best-known works is an illustration of a magical scene from Ariosto’s poetry, Melissa (1520s; Rome, Gal. Borghese), a painting of opulent colour and texture.


Allegory of Fortune




Laura Pisani


Saint George


Witchcraft (Allegory of Hercules)

c. 1535
Oil on canvas, 143 x 144 cm
Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence


Mythological Scene


Aeneas at the Entrance to the Elysian Fields


A Man embracing a Woman


Lamentation over the Body of Christ


The Adoration of the Kings


Przebudzenie Wenus


Bacchanal of Men
National Gallery, London


Allegory of Music




Hercules and the Pygmies


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