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Hans Burgkmair


Hans Burgkmair

(b Augsburg, 1473; d Augsburg, May–Aug 1531).

Painter, woodcut designer and draughtsman, son of Thoman Burgkmair. He belongs in the first rank of German early 16th-century artists alongside Durer, Lucas Cranach, Albrecht Altdorfer and Matthias Grunewald. While his drawings have received little attention, the approximately 800 woodcuts after his designs bear witness to his imagination, productivity and success. Through his decisive adoption of the forms of the Venetian Renaissance (he and Durer were the first German artists to establish this connection), his links with the circle of artists and humanists around Emperor Maximilian I and his leading position in Augsburg, he played a decisive role in the blossoming of German art c. 1500. His only significant follower in Augsburg was Christoph Amberger.


St. Barbara
oil on panel
Gemaldegalerie, Berlin



St. Ulrich
oil on panel
Gemaldegalerie, Berlin


The Fight in the Forest


Portrait of Johannes Paumgartner

Colour woodcut, 294 x 243 mm
Kupferstichkabinett, Staatliche Museen, Berlin


Portrait of Jacob Fugger

Chiaroscuro woodcut using two blocks, 210 x 145 mm


The Lovers Surprised by Death


Young Emperor Maximilian Visiting His Court Armor Shop in Innsbruck

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