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Juan Carreno de Miranda


Juan Carreno de Miranda

(b Avilés, nr Oviedo, 25 March 1614; d Madrid, 3 Oct 1685).

Spanish painter. One of the most important painters in Spain in the 17th century, he executed many religious works in oils, tempera and fresco and was considered to be, after Velázquez, the most accomplished portrait painter of his day.


St James the Great in the Battle of Clavijo

Oil on canvas, 231 x 168 cm
Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest


Festin de Herodes


El bufon Francisco Bazan


Pedro Iwanowitz Potemkim, embajador de Rusia




Inmaculada Concepcion


La Asuncion


San Sebastian


Santa Ana dando leccion a la Virgen


Virgen de Atocha
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