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Claudio Coello



(b Madrid, 1642; d Madrid, 20 April 1693).

Spanish painter and draughtsman. Together with the court painters Francisco Rizi, Juan Carreno de Miranda and Francisco de Herrera, he was one of the foremost exponents of a style of Spanish painting that developed between c. 1660 and 1700 and was characterized by theatrical compositions and rich colours. The sources of this late Baroque style, which was distinct from that of the previous generation of Spanish Baroque artists, most of whom painted sober, realistic depictions of religious and secular life, lie in the influence exerted by Venetian Renaissance painting and by Italian and Flemish art of the period, examples of which were plentiful in Madrid in royal and aristocratic collections.



Jesus nino en la puerta del templo


Holy Family

Oil on canvas, 248 x 169 cm
Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest


La Anunciacion


La Virgen y el Nino adorados por San Luis, rey de Francia


La Virgen y el Nino entre las virtudes teologales y santos


Saint Michael Triumphing over Evil


San Antonio de Padua


San Francisco de Asís


Santa Rosa de Lima


Transito de la Magdalena


Inmaculada Concepcion


Retrato de muchacha

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