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Sebastien Bourdon



Sebastien Bourdon

(b Montpellier, 2 Feb 1616; d Paris, 8 May 1671).

French painter, draughtsman and engraver. Although he was one of the most successful painters of the mid-17th century in France and highly praised by the writer André Félibien, he was also widely criticized for never achieving a fixed style of his own. He began his career as an imitator of the Bamboccianti and of Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione. He later produced altarpieces in a vigorous Baroque style and portraits in the manner of Anthony van Dyck before coming under the classicizing influence of Nicolas Poussin. Towards the end of his career, in a lecture to the Académie Royale, he recommended that young artists reject uniformity of inspiration. Remarkably, he was able to give a personal flavour to his work in any style and genre.


Moses and the Burning Bush



San Pablo y San Bernabe en Listra


The Selling of Joseph into Slavery
oil on canvas
The British Museum, London


Jacob Burying Laban's Images




Jacob Burying Laban's Images


Venus and Aeneas


The Massacre of the Innocents


Augustus before the Tomb of Alexander


The Death of Dido


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