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Abraham Bloemaert


Abraham Bloemaert

(b Gorinchem, 24 Dec 1566; d Utrecht, 13 Jan 1651).

Painter, draughtsman, writer and teacher. His long, successful career and many prominent pupils, especially among the Utrecht Caravaggisti, made him one of Utrecht’s principal painters in the first half of the 17th century. During his lifetime he enjoyed high esteem for his paintings of religious and mythological subjects and for his numerous drawings. At first he worked in a Mannerist style, then in a Caravaggesque manner, finally adopting a distinctive, decorative synthesis of both approaches.


Shepherdess reading a sonnet


Paisaje con Tobías y el Angel



Landscape with the Ministry of John the Baptist


Landscape with the Ministry of John the Baptist (detail)


Cimon and Iphigenia

Miracle of the Loaves


Amaryllis and Mirtillo
oil on canvas 115x140cm
Berlin, Stiftung Preubische Schlosser


Moses Striking the Rock


Allegorie de l'hiver


Shepherd and Sherpherdess

Oil on canvas
Niedersächsisches Landesmuseum, Hannover


Abel et Cain


Mars and Venus


Death and the Lovers

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