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Filippo De Pisis



Filippo De Pisis

(b Ferrara, 8 May 1896; d Milan, 2 April 1956).

Italian painter, poet and writer. He was born into the nobility, and he particularly identified with a 12th-century ancestor, Filippo, a condottiere. De Pisis shared his romantic view of his ancestry with his sister, Ernesta Tibertelli (1895–?1973), who was a distinguished illustrator with libertarian views, and who probably introduced De Pisis to mystical writings and possibly collaborated with him on poems and paintings. De Pisis spent his childhood studying literature, drawing, collecting butterflies and wild flowers and preparing herbaria (now U. Padua). He enrolled at the University of Bologna, where he studied literature and philosophy, in 1914. The following year he met the poet Corrado Govoni and the literary scholars Salvator Gotta and Giuseppe De Robertis. De Pisis maintained an interest in Futurism through the periodicals Lacerba and La voce.





Natura morta con bottiglia


Non c' e la fine


Natura morta accidentale


Composizione I


Composizione II


Composizione III


Composizione IV


Still life


LŽora fatale


Salotto del racoglitore Bianchi in rue Rickepense


Figura in un interno




Nudino sulla pelle di tigre


Interno di Via Rugabella


La grande conchiglia


Le tre ostriche sull'impiantito


Natura morta con conchiglie


Natura morta marina


Pane sacro


Still life


Still life


Still life


Still life


Ai Jardins de Luxembourg


Calle di Venezia



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