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Brigid Marlin


Brigid Marlin

Brigid Marlin (born January 16, 1936) is a fantasy and portrait artist living in England. She paints in the Mische Technique, a medieval method revived by Austrian artist Ernst Fuchs, with whom she studied in Vienna.

Her fantasy work can be classified as Fantastic Realism, i.e. using figurative elements to represent visionary and psychic subjects, often with scriptural themes.

She has painted portraits, inter alia, of the Dalai Lama, J G Ballard and Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother. Her portrait of J G Ballard hangs in the National Portrait Gallery in London.

She founded the Inscape group in 1961, which later became the Society for Art of Imagination.


Triumph over Suffering




The Christening


The Ghost of Spring


Earth, Water, Air and Fire


Rendez-vous in Venice




Postcards of Venice


Venetian Princess


Venice Queen of the Night


The Princess and the Frog


Out of the Shell


Flight of the Churches


Wolves in St. Mark's Cathedral




Meditation on Emptiness


Clockwork Leda


The Tarot


Carnival in Winter




Mandala East to West


Wolves by the Altar


The Rod




The Drowned Cathedral


The Annunciation


The Visitation of Elizabeth by Mary


The Birth of Christ


The Presentation of Our Lord in the Temple


The Finding in the Temple


The Resurrection


The Assumption of Mary, Queen of Heaven


The Crowning of Mary, Queen of Heaven
















Jessica, Jupiter and Jaspar


Girl in Bluebell Wood


Portrait of Virginia H. Rogers


Wired for Sound


Portrait of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother

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