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Kazimir Malevich



Kasimir Malevich


(b Kiev, 26 Feb 1878; d Leningrad [now St Petersburg], 15 May 1935).

Russian painter, printmaker, decorative artist and writer of Ukranian birth. One of the pioneers of abstract art, Malevich was a central figure in a succession of avant-garde movements during the period of the Russian revolutions of 1905 and 1917 and immediately after. The style of severe geometric abstraction with which he is most closely associated, SUPREMATISM, was a leading force in the development of CONSTRUCTIVISM, the repercussions of which continued to be felt throughout the 20th century. His work was suppressed in Soviet Russia in the 1930s and remained little known during the following two decades. The reassessment of his reputation in the West from the mid-1950s was matched by the renewed influence of his work on the paintings of Ad Reinhardt and on developments such as Zero, Hard-edge painting and Minimalism.





Flower Girl


On the Boulevard


Diversión de la alta sociedad


Encina y driadas


Epitafios. El sudario de Cristo


Mujer cogiendo flores




Study for Fresco Painting


The Triumph of Heaven




Peasant Womem at Church


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