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Mikhail Larionov



Mikhail Larionov

(b Tiraspol, Moldova, 3 June 1881; d Fontenay-aux-Roses, nr Paris, 10 May 1964).

 Russian painter, stage designer, printmaker, illustrator, draughtsman and writer of Moldovan birth. He was a leader of the Russian avant-garde before World War I but came to prominence in the West through his work for Serge Diaghilev and the BALLETS RUSSES. During the 1920s he played a significant role within the Ecole de Paris and continued to live and work in France until his death.



Self portrait


Soldier at Rest










Soldier on a Horse



Prostituée chez le Coiffeur


Coiffeur d'Officiers


Coiffeur pour Dames


Coiffeur de Messieurs


Still Life


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