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Ernst Kirchner




Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

(b Aschaffenburg, 6 May 1880; d Frauenkirch, 15 June 1938).

German painter, printmaker and sculptor. He is one of the most important representatives of Expressionism. He was the leading figure in DIE BRÜCKE, which was active in Dresden and Berlin from 1905 to 1913. His pictures of urban life have become the incarnation of the nervously agitated modern state of mind in Europe on the eve of World War I. After 1917, with his depictions of the Swiss mountain landscape of Davos and its inhabitants, he made one of the most important contributions to landscape painting in the 20th century.





Muchacha en el sofa azul


Mujeres en la calle


Portrait of a Woman


Erich Heckel


Leon Schames


Albert Muller e Kirchner


Testa di Erna


Alber Muller e sua moglie


Artista con due donne mentre esegue uno schizzo


Japanisches Theater




Self-Portrait as a Soldier


Baile de negros


Escena callejera berlinesa


Autoritratto con Erna


Carro e cavalli con tre contadini


Cocina alpina




Il mezzogiorno dei contadini


Pantomima Reimann


Prima dell'alba


Bagnanti sul prato
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