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Natalia Goncharova



Natalia Goncharova

(b Negayevo, Tula Province, 16 June 1881: d Paris, 17 Oct 1962).

Russian painter, stage designer, printmaker and illustrator. She was a leading artist of the Russian avant-garde in the early 20th century but became a celebrity in the West through her work for SERGE DIAGHILEV and the BALLETS RUSSES. During the 1920s she played a significant role within the Ecole de Paris and continued to live and work in France until her death.




 The Birth of Christ

 The Mighty Savior


Mystical Images of War. Angels & Airplanes
(Plate 10)


Mystical Images of War. The City Destroyed
(Plate 11)


Mystical Images of War


The Cyclist

 Stone Female Figurine


Still Life with Flowers

 Still Life with a Green Bottle


 In the Artist's Studio




 Still Life with Flowers and an Opened Book


Flowers and Peppers


Flowers and a Coffee Pot


Still Life with a Portrait and a white Table Cloth


Landscape with a River

 Moscow Winter

Landscape with a Goat








 Still Life with Gammon




 Composition with Trees




 Still Life with a Marble Boy


 Still Life with Peonies


 Decorative Composition

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