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Jared French


Jared French

Jared French (1905-1988) was a painter who specialized in the ancient medium of egg tempera. He was one of the masters of Magic Realism, part of a circle of friends and colleagues who all painted surreal imagery in egg tempera. Others include George Tooker and Paul Cadmus.

Jared French received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Amherst College in 1925. He met and befriended Paul Cadmus in New York City, became his lover and persuaded Cadmus to give up commercial art for "serious painting". In 1937 French married Margaret Hoening, another artist. For the next eight years the Cadmuses and Frenches summered on Fire Island and formed a photographic collective called PAJAMA ("Paul, Jared, and Margaret"). French painted numerous murals for the WPA.

Jared French's early paintings are eerie, colorful tableaux of still, silent figures derived from Archaic Greek statues. His later work shows "a kind of classical biomorphism," strange, colorful, suggestive organic forms.




Seated Man



Coupla Girls



The double



Woman and boys


Standing and leaping men






Mealtime, the Early Coal Miners (mural study, Plymouth, Pennsylvania Post Office)


Mealtime, The Early Coal Miners (study for Plymouth, Pennsylvania Post Office Mural)


Offended Gods


Seat by the Sea

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