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Ambrosius Benson     Pages: 1-2

(1495 - 1550)

Ambrosius Benson was born in Italy but began working in Bruges in 1518. Initially, he worked as an assistant to Gerard David. His paintings were successful in the Italian and Spanish markets and were created specifically for export to those locations. He painted primarily religious paintings but also produced some portraits.

La Piedad




Holy Family with St John the Baptist as a Child


Santo Tomás y un donante


Rest on the Flight into Egypt


The Lamentation


Apotheosis of Virgin Mary with Prophets and Sybille


Piedad al pie de la Cruz


Lamentation of Christ


Portrait of a Man in Prayer


Mary Magdalene


Triptych of Madonna with Child


Portrait of Otho Stochoven


Virgin with the Pear


Santa Ana, el nino Jesus y la Virgen


El nacimiento de la Virgen


El abrazo ante la puerta dorada


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