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(1494 - 1557) was a Italian painter of the Renaissance whose work is characteristic of the Florentine Mannerist style.

Bacchiacca was born in Borgo San Lorenzo, near Florence. He was also known as Bachiacca or Bacchiacca, Francesco d'Ubertino Verdi or Francesco Ubertini. He initially was a craftsman in an atelier of possibly Pietro Perugino. In 1523, he participated with Franciabigio and Jacopo Pontormo in the decoration of the camera of Giovanni Benintendi. He mainly worked in small cabinet pieces, or designs for tapestries. Sogliani's Deposition, a theme commonly addressed by many Florentine artists, is addressed in a cartoonish form.


Maria Magdalena



Moses schlagt Wasser aus dem Felsen


Virgin and Child with Saint Elizabeth and John the Baptist


Die Enthauptung Johannes des Taufers


Madonna and child and the young St John the Baptist


Portrait of a Young Lute Player


Madonna with Child, St Elisabeth and the Infant St John the Baptist


Eve with Cain and Abel


Leda and the Swan


The Flagellation of Christ


Baptism of Christ with Saints


Marcus Curtius




The Conversion of St. Paul


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