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Karoly Brocky       

Károly Brocky, or Charles Brocky, who was born at Banat, in Hungary, in 1808, was the son of a hairdresser, who died whilst his son was still young. To gain a living the youth joined a body of strolling actors. After passing through many vicissitudes, he was at length placed in a free drawing school at Vienna, whence he went to Paris, where he studied at the Louvre. When about thirty years of age he visited London, where he took up his abode. His first contribution to the Royal Academy was in 1839, and from that time he exhibited portraits, ideal subjects, and miniatures on ivory somewhat frequently; amongst others a 'Nymph ' (in oil) in 1850, and 'Spring,' 'Summer,' 'Autumn,' and 'Winter' in 1852. He died in 1855. A sketch of his life by Norman Wilkinson was published in 1870.


Young Woman, Summer



Sleeping Bacchante



Cupid and Psyche



Mother and Child



Krisztus és a samáriai asszony






Does He Love Me



Knight Seated at a Table



Portrait of a Woman



The Daughters of Istvan Medgyasszay



The Sons of Istvan Medgyasszay



Portrait of a Woman with Veil



Lucy Ashton and Ravenswood Visiting Blind Alice






Resting Psyche



Venus and Amor



Ceres and Triptolemos



Portrait of a Little Girl



Woman Standing at a Window



Portrait of Elisabeth Barrett-Browning



Young Woman



Portrait of a Woman


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