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 Louis-Marin Bonnet



Louis-Marin Bonnet        

(b Paris, 1736; d Saint-Mandé, nr Paris, 20 Oct 1793).

French engraver and publisher. He came from a family of artisans and owed his training in engraving to his brother-in-law, the engraver Louis Legrand (1723–1808). Through Legrand, Bonnet became the pupil of Jean-Charles François in 1756, a year before the latter discovered the CRAYON MANNER technique of engraving, designed to reproduce the effect of a coloured-chalk drawing. Around the end of 1757 Bonnet used the new technique to engrave a Cupid after François Eisen. Gilles Demarteau, a rival of Jean-Charles François, enticed Bonnet to join his workshop and learnt the technique from him.


Broken Fan



The Charmes of the Morning



The Pleasures of Education



Stolen Cage









Lucky Tom-Cat






Jupiter Descending in All His Grandeur to the Palace of Semele



Leucothoe Fascinated with Apollo's Handsomeness Allows
Him without Resistance to Seduce Her



Jupiter Is Coovering the Earth with Clouds in Order to Take Delight in Io



Listening to the Suitor



Head of a Woman



Portrait of Grand Duke Pavel Petrovich



The Marriage Presents



The Fine Musetioners



Young Woman Seated on a Bed
after François Boucher



The Milk Woman



The Woman ta King Coffee


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