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 Thomas Blanchet



Thomas Blanchet         

(b ?Paris, 1614; d Lyon, 21 June 1689).

French painter, draughtsman, architect, sculptor and printmaker. He trained in Paris, where he came into contact with Jacques Sarazin, who advised him to study painting rather than sculpture. He probably studied (c. 1637–45) with Simon Vouet, becoming familiar with perspective, the Mannerism of the School of Fontainebleau and the Baroque, then newly introduced to Paris. Around 1645 he arrived in Rome; during his stay there (which ended in 1653) he worked with artists who were members of Nicolas Poussin’s circle and frequented the studios of Andrea Sacchi, Pietro da Cortona and Gianlorenzo Bernini (who thought highly of him). He executed paintings for Niccolo Guido di Bagno (1584–1663). His engravings of antique tombs and his prospettive were much admired. In 1654 he created a mausoleum for Rene de Voyer d’Argenson, Ambassador of France in Venice, in S Giobbe, Venice.


Cleobis and Biton



Pygmalion and Galatea



Theseus finds his fatherís sword



Cleobis et Bitton



Time and Truth overcoming Envy and Discord



Mercure et Herse



A Capriccio Of The Forum Romanum,
With The Sculpture Groups Of Alexander And Bucephalus, And Cain And Abel



Landscape with Sarcophagus



Classical Landscape With A Biblical Scene,
Possibly The Calling Of The Disciples, Before The Tomb Of Cecilia Metella


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