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 Jean-Victor Bertin


Jean-Victor Bertin      

(b Paris, 20 March 1767; d Paris, 11 June 1842).

French painter and lithographer. In 1785 Bertin entered the Académie Royale de Peinture as a pupil of the history painter Gabriel-François Doyen. By 1788 he had become a pupil of the landscape painter Pierre-Henri de Valenciennes who directed him towards idealized Italianate landscape. Between 1785 and 1793 Bertin participated unsuccessfully in academic competitions and his official début came only in 1793 when he exhibited in the ‘open’ Salon. After 1793 he contributed consistently to the Salon until his death. In 1801 he received a Prix d’Encouragement for the Town of Pheneos. Like many of his early Salon works, it is now known only through engravings. Among his early extant Salon works are the Statue, or Interior of a Park (1800; Dijon, Mus. Magnin), View of Ronciglione (1808; Nantes, Mus. B.-A.) and Arrival of Napoleon at Ettlingen (1812; Versailles, Château).



Vue prise a Essonnes



Landscape with a Fortress and a Beggar



Classical Landscape



Entry to the Park at St. Cloud



Landscape with sheep and a woman sewing



Deer at the Edge of a Wood



Classical Landscape with Figures



Classical Landscape



Arcadian Landscape



Classical Landscape



Horse Riders in an Italian Landscape



Un moulin



View in the Ile-de-France



Classical Landscape with a Shepherd


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