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Bertall [(Charles-)Albert, Vicomte d’Arnoux, Comte de Limoges-Saint-Saens]

(b Paris, 18 Dec 1820; d Paris, Feb 1882). French printmaker. On the suggestion of Honoré de Balzac, he used an approximate anagram of his first name Albert—Bertall—as his artistic pseudonym. He studied painting under Michel-Martin Drolling but soon began working as an illustrator and caricaturist, a move probably influenced by Balzac. His first published work was the humorous Les Omnibus, pérégrinations burlesques à travers tous chemins (Paris, 1843) for which he produced both text and woodcuts. Two years later he provided illustrations for Balzac’s Petites misères de la vie conjugale (Paris, 1845) and from 1842 to 1855 he collaborated on illustrating the Oeuvres complètes de Balzac (Paris, 1842–55, 20 vols).



La Comedie de notre temps : etudes au crayon et a la plume, Plon, Paris



Karikatur zu Olympia von Edouard Manet



La petite Sirene




« Defauts des enfants – Le petit poltron »

La Semaine des enfants du 29 mai 1858.




Le Diable a Paris, 1845


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