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A Brief History of World Literature


Ockham William of Ockham    
O. Henry William Sydney Porter (O. Henry)    
Oldham John Oldham    
Olesha Yury Olesha    
O’Neill Eugene O’Neill    
Opitz Martin Opitz    
Orton Joe Orton    
Orwell  George Orwell  "Nineteen Eighty-Four"  
Osborne John Osborne    
Ostrovsky Aleksandr Ostrovsky    
Otway Thomas Otway    
Owen Wilfred Owen    
Overbury Sir Thomas Overbury    
Ovid Ovid "Metamorphoses"  Illustrations by Francois Chauveau and Noel Le Mire
"The Art of Love" illustrations by Salvador Dali
Oz Amos Oz    
Ozerov Vladislav Ozerov    

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