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A Brief History of World Literature


Nabokov Vladimir Nabokov    
Naevius Gnaeus Naevius    
Nashe Thomas Nashe    
Nekrasov Nikolay Nekrasov    
Nerval Gérard de Nerval    
Nestor Nestor    
Newman John Henry Newman    
Newton Sir Isaac Newton    
"Nibelungenlied" "The Nibelungenlied" "The Nibelungenlied" PART I, PART II, PART III, PART IV "The Ring of the Nibelung" illustrations by Arthur Rackham
Nietzsche Friedrich Nietzsche "Thus Spoke Zarathustra"  
Nodier Charles Nodier    
Norris Frank Norris    
North Sir Thomas North    
Norton Mary Norton    
Novalis Novalis    
Novikov Nikolay Novikov    

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