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A Brief History of World Literature


    Benito Jerónimo Feijóo y Montenegro  
Fanshawe Sir Richard Fanshawe    
Farquhar George Farquhar    
Farrell J.G. Farrell    
Faulkner William Faulkner    
Fechner Gustav Theodor Fechner    
Feijóo Benito Jerónimo Feijóo y Montenegro    
Felltham Owen Felltham    
Fénelon Francois de La Mothe-Fénelon    
Ferdowsi Ferdowsi    
Ferdowsi Ferdowsi "Shahnameh" "Shahnameh" PART I, PART II  
Ferguson Adam Ferguson    
Fermat Pierre de Fermat    
Fernández Leandro Fernández de Moratín    
Fet Afanasy Fet    
Feuchtwanger Lion Feuchtwanger    
Feuerbach Ludwig Feuerbach    
Ficino Marsilio Ficino    
Fichte Johann Gottlieb Fichte    
Fielding  Henry Fielding  "The History of Tom Jones, a foundling"
Fielding Sarah Fielding    
Fitzgerald F. Scott Fitzgerald    
Flaubert Gustave Flaubert "Madame Bovary"    PART I, PART II, PART III  
Fleming Ian Fleming    
Fletcher Giles Fletcher the Elder    
Fletcher Giles Fletcher the Younger    
Fletcher John Fletcher    
Fletcher Phineas Fletcher    
Flint F.S. Flint    
Florensky Pavel Florensky    
Florio John Florio    
Fontane Theodor Fontane    
Fontenelle Bernard Le Bovier, sieur de Fontenelle    
Fonvizin Denis Fonvizin    
Ford Ford Madox Ford    
Ford John Ford    
Forster E.M. Forster    
Fortescue Sir John Fortescue    
Foucault Michel Foucault    
Fouqué Friedrich de la Motte Fouqué "Undine"  
Fowles John Robert Fowles    
Foxe John Foxe    
France Anatole France    
Franklin Benjamin Franklin    
Freeman Redesdale Freeman-Mitford "Tales of Old Japan"  (PART I, PART II, PART III)  
Freneau Philip Freneau    
Freud Sigmund Freud
"The Interpretation of Dreams"
Chapter 1 The Scientific Literature of Dream-Problems (up to 1900)
Chapter 2 The Method of Dream Interpretation
Chapter 3 The Dream as Wish Fulfilment
Chapter 4 Distortion in Dreams
Chapter 5 The Material and Sources of Dreams

Chapter 6 The Dream-Work

Chapter 7 The Psychology of the Dream Process

"Three Contributions to the Theory of Sex"
Freytag Gustav Freytag    
Friel Brian Friel    
Frisch Max Frisch    
Froissart Jean Froissart    
Fromm Erich Fromm    
Frost Robert Frost "Poems"  
Fry Christopher Fry    
Fuller Margaret Fuller    
Fuller Roy Fuller    
Fuller Thomas Fuller    
Furetière Antoine Furetière    

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