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Joseph Wright


Joseph Wright

(b Bordentown, NJ, 16 July 1756; d Philadelphia, PA, 13 Sept 1793).

 American painter, sculptor and engraver. He probably received his first art training from his mother, the modeller in wax Patience Lovell Wright (1725–86). After the death of his father in 1769, he was placed in the Academy in Philadelphia, while Patience opened a waxworks in New York. In 1772 she moved to London to open a studio and waxworks there; by the spring of 1775 Joseph joined her and was the first American-born student admitted to the Royal Academy Schools, where he won a silver medal for ‘the best model of an Academy figure’ in December 1778. In 1780 he exhibited publicly for the first time with Portrait of a Man in the annual exhibition of the Society of Artists of Great Britain. In that year he caused a scandal at the Royal Academy by exhibiting a portrait of his mother modelling a head of King Charles II, while busts of King George III and Queen Charlotte looked on. He went to Paris in December 1781 and, while there, painted several portraits of Benjamin Franklin (version, c. 1782; London, Royal Soc. A.) from observation and from the 1778 pastel by Joseph Siffred Duplessis (1725–1802).


Lady Anne Herbert, esposa de Lord Arundel de Wardour, hermana de Frances


Miravan Opening the Grave of his Forefathers

Oil on canvas, 127 x 101,6 cm
Museum and Art Gallery, Derby


Experiment with the Air Pump

c. 1768
Oil on canvas
Tate Gallery, London


Earthstopper at the Bank of Derwent

Oil on canvas, 97 x 121 cm
Derby Museum and Art Gallery, Derby


View of the Lake of Nemi

Oil on canvas, 105 x 128 cm
Musée du Louvre, Paris


A Philosopher Lecturing with a Mechanical Planetary

Oil on canvas, 147,3 x 203,2 cm
Derby Museum and Art Gallery, Derby


Landscape with Rainbow

c. 1795
Oil on canvas, 81 x 107 cm
Derby Museum and Art Gallery, Derby


Indian Widow

Oil on canvas, 102 x 127 cm
Derby Museum and Art Gallery, Derby

Illumination of the Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome


The Cloister of San Cosimato


View of the Lake of Nemi at Sunset


John Coats Browne


The Tempest

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