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Claude-Joseph Vernet



Claude-Joseph Vernet


(b Avignon, 14 Aug 1714; d Paris, 4 Dec 1789). Painter.

Vernet probably received his first lessons in painting from his father, Antoine, who then encouraged him to move to the studio of Philippe Sauvan (1697–1792), the leading master in Avignon. Sauvan supplied altarpieces to local churches and decorative works and mythologies for grand houses in the area. After this apprenticeship Vernet worked in Aix-en-Provence with the decorative painter Jacques Viali ( fl 1681– 1745), who also painted landscapes and marine pictures. In 1731 Vernet independently produced a suite of decorative overdoors for the hotel of the Marquise de Simiane at Aix-en-Provence; at least two of these survive (in situ) and are Vernet’s earliest datable landscapes. These are early indications of his favoured type of subject, and Vernet would have studied works attributed to such 17th-century masters as Claude Lorrain, Gaspard Dughet and Salvator Rosa in private collections at Aix and Avignon. Three years later Joseph de Seytres, Marquis de Caumont, who had previously recommended Vernet to the Marquise de Simiane, offered to sponsor a trip to Italy. This was partly for Vernet to complete his artistic education but also to provide his sponsor with drawings of antiquities.


Paisaje con una cascada


Shepherd in the Alps


Mar Tempestuoso


Mar en calma


Coastal Landscape


Le Naufrage


Mediterranean Port at Dawn


Paisaje quebrado


A Shipwreck In A Stormy Sea By The Coast


Marina con vista de Sorrento


View of Naples


A Seashore


View of the Gulf of Bandol: Fishing for Tuna


Landscape With Bathers


Paisaje romano a la puesta de sol


Storm with a Shipwreck


The Town and Harbour of Toulon

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