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John Frederick Lewis


John Frederick Lewis

(b London, ?14 ?July 1805; d Walton-on-Thames, 15 Aug 1876).

He developed his precocious talents as draughtsman and etcher within the family circle. In 1820 he entered Thomas Lawrence’s studio as a draughtsman of animals, which, in close association with his childhood neighbour Edwin Landseer, he had studied from live specimens and dissected cadavers. Lewis made six intaglio prints after his drawings of the larger felines (published 1825), while domesticated beasts figured more prominently in the twelve etchings of Domestic Subjects published in 1826. His work as a sporting and wildlife painter culminated in Buck-shooting in Windsor Great Park (1825; London, Tate) and his one contemporary, royal commission, John Clark with the Animals at Sandpit Gate, Windsor Great Park (Windsor Castle, Berks, Royal Col.).


Indoor Gossip, Cairo


Harem Life in Constantinople


Harem Life


The Greeting in the Desert, Egypt


Intercepted Correspondence


A View Of The Street And Morque Of Ghorreyah, Cairo


A Frank Encampment In The Desert Of Mount Sinai


The midday meal, Cairo


The Door of a Cafe in Cairo


Girl with Two Caged Doves

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