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Henry Fuseli


Henry Fuseli

(b Zurich, 6 Feb 1741; d Putney Hill, nr London, 16 April 1825).

Painter, draughtsman and writer, active in England, son of Johann Caspar Füssli. He spent most of his working life in England, where he established himself as the most original history painter and draughtsman of his generation. Renowned for his treatment of bizarre and psychologically penetrating subjects, he was also a prolific writer and, from 1779, Professor of Painting at the Royal Academy.


Portrait of a Young Woman

Oil on canvas, 101 x 127 cm
Institue of Arts, Detroit


Lady Macbeth

Oil on canvas, 221 x 160 cm
Musée du Louvre, Paris


Die Entkleidung


Ezzelin and Meduna

Oil on canvas, 45,7 x 50,8 cm
Sir John Soane's Museum, London


The Shepherd's Dream

Oil on canvas, 154,5 x 215,5 cm
Tate Gallery, London




Lady Macbeth with the Daggers

Theodore Meets in the Wood the Spectre of His Ancestor Guido Cavalcanti


Belindas Traum


Aphrodite fuhrt Paris zum Duell mit Menelaos


Brunhilde Observing Gunther, Whom She Has Tied to the Ceiling


The Artist Moved by the Grandeur of Antique Fragments

Red chalk on sepia wash, 415 x 355 mm
Kunsthaus, Zürich


Perseus Returning the Eye of the Graii


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