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Eugene Fromentin


Eugene Fromentin

(b La Rochelle, 24 Oct 1820; d Saint-Maurice, 27 Aug 1876).

French painter and writer. The wide skies and sweeping plains of his native Charente region left him with a love of natural beauty for which he later found affinities in Algeria and the Netherlands. From his youth he showed academic intelligence, literary talent and artistic aptitude. In 1839 he was sent to Paris to study law, but he became increasingly interested in drawing. Although his father, a skilled amateur artist who had studied with Jean-Victor Bertin, never became reconciled to his son’s desire to pursue painting as a career, Fromentin was sent to study with the Neo-classical landscape painter Jean-Charles-Joseph Rémond (1795–1875); however, he preferred the more naturalistic Nicolas-Louis Cabat. Fromentin developed slowly as an artist and began to show real promise as a landscape draughtsman only in the early to mid-1840s. He published his first important piece of criticism on the Salon of 1845.


Falcon Hunting in Algeria; The Quarry


Arabs Hunting


Le Simoon


Night Robbers


Arab Encampment in the Atlas Mountains


Two Arabs on a Terrace


On The Nile


Centaurs and Centauresses Exercising by Shooting with the Bow


Arab Horsemen


Pond in the Oasis - Sahara


Night Robbers


Horses Watering in a River



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