History of Literature

Lewis Carroll

Lewis Carroll - photographer

"Alice's Adventures in Wonderland"

Illustrations by John Tenniel

"Through the Looking-Glass" 

Illustrations by John Tenniel

Illustrations by Arthur Rackham 

Walt Disney’s "Alice in Wonderland"

Lewis Carroll -  photographer



Alise and Lorina


Alise and Lorina


Alise and Lorina


Lionel und Hallam Tennyson mit Julia Marshall, 1857


Edith, Lorina, and Alice Liddell, c. 1859.
Albumen print. Photography Collection, Humanities Research Center, University of Texas, Austin.


Edith, Lorina and Alice Liddell



Alice Liddell, 1959


Alice Liddell


Alice Liddell, 1858


Alice Liddell, 1860


Beatrice und Alice Harington, 1860


Alice Jane Donkinn, „Die Flucht“, 1862


Nelly MacDonald, 1863




Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Alexander Munro and wife



Maria White

Annie Rogers and Mary Jackson



Beatrice Henley

Marcus Keane



Mr. and Mrs. Millais with their two daughters.

Florence Bickersteth



Aileen Wilson-Todd

Alice Constance Westmacott



Xie Kitchin, um 1873


Beatrice Hatch, koloriert von Anne Lydia Bond, 1873


Xie Kitchin als Teehändlerin, 1873


Xie Kitchin, um 1875


Xie Kitchin, photographed by Lewis Carroll, 1876


Fotografie Evelyn Hatchs, 1879,


Annie und Frances Henderson, koloriert von Anne Lydia Bond, 1879


Alice Liddell, 1870






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