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Photographers' Dictionary
(based on "20th Century Photography - Museum Ludwig Cologne")



Photographers' Dictionary

(based on "20th Century Photography-Museum Ludwig Cologne")




Julien Vallou de Villeneuve (1795-1866)

French lithographer, photographer and painter. From his debut at the Salon of 1814 as a painter he regularly exhibited lithographed images of daily life, fashion, regional costumes and erotica, many done after the work of English and Dutch artists. He also published his own lithographed compositions, mostly 'female types'. With Achille Deveria and others he contributed to the compendium of romantic erotica called Imagerie galante (Paris, 1830), which provocatively updated an erotic mode found in 18th-century engravings. The subjects were pictorial versions of stock characters from popular novels and plays.

Female nude, reclining, ca. 1853


Female nude, standing, ca. 1853


Female nude, reclining, ca. 1853


Study naked no1906


Female nude, standing


Female nude, standing


Female nude, standing


Reclining nude, 1851-1853


Etude de nu, 1854


Woman with Pitcher, c. 1855. Calotype. Bibliotheque Nationalc, Paris.


Portrait of Actor Louis Delaunay


Portrait of Actor Louis Delaunay


Portrait of an Actor M. Samson


Portrait of an Actor from the Comedie Francaise


Portrait of Mm. Aug. Brohan


Portrait of Judith


Portrait of Mlle. Fix Writing


Portrait of actors, 1850-1889


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