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Lucia Moholy

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Lucia Moholy, born Lucia Schulz, (18 January 1894, Prague, Austria-Hungary 17 May 1989, Zurich, Switzerland) was a photographer and wife of artist and fellow photographer László Moholy-Nagy.
After studying philosophy, philology, and art history, she worked as an editor and lecturer in Prague. She met and married László Moholy-Nagy in 1920 in Berlin. She studied photography in Weimar and Leipzig from 1923 to 1924 and, when her husband secured a position at the Bauhaus, lived in Dessau and produced many of the iconic images and portraits associated with that school. In 1928, she and her husband moved to Berlin where she worked at the Ittenschule as a stage photographer and lecturer.
The couple separated in 1932 and emigrated, separately, to London when the National Socialist German Workers Party rose to power in 1933. There, she continued to photograph and teach, publishing a book, A Hundred Years of Photography, 1839-1939 (Harmondsworth, 1939) and directing a microfilm/reprography service based at the Science Museum Library, London, for the Association of Special Libraries and Information Bureaux (Aslib) (see Moholy, L. (1946), "The ASLIB microfilm service: the story of its wartime activities", Journal of Documentation, Vol. 2 No.3, pp.147-73). Immediately after the war she travelled to the Near and Middle East for projects for UNESCO. She retired in 1959 to Zollikon, Switzerland.


Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, 192526


Franz Roh,


Julia Feininger, 1926


Haus Lommen in Wassenaar, 1925


Jugoslavia. The country, 1932


Bauhaus building Dessau, Balcony of the studio house, 1926,


Georg Muche / Bauhaus: Bild 1926 (positiv-negativ), 19


Wohnhaus Gropius in der Bauhausmeister-Siedlung (1925/1926) Architekt Walter Gropius/Dessau, 1926


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