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Photographers' Dictionary

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John Gutmann

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John Gutmann (1905-1998) was a German-born American photographer and painter.

After fleeing Nazi Germany for the United States, Gutmann acquired a job as a photographer for various German magazines. Gutmann quickly took an interest in the American way of life and sought to capture it through the lense of his camera. He especially took an interest in the Jazz music scene. Gutmann is recognized for his unique "worm's-eye view" camera angle. He enjoyed taking photos of ordinary things and making them seem special.


The Jump, 1939


Strange Visitors


Black Jack in Reno at Election Time
Nevada, 1936


Cord in Harlem
New York, 1936


Elevator Garage with Parking Lot
Chicago, 1936


Elevator Garage
Chicago, 1936


Bicycle of a Mexican Barber
San Antonio, 1937


Texas Women


The Game
New Orleans, 1937


San Francisco, 1938


"Yes, Columbus Did Discover America!"
San Francisco, 1938


The Artist Lives Dangerously
San Francisco, 1938


"Ham and Eggs"
San Francisco, 1938


San Francisco, 1938


Face Behind Veil


The Lesson, Central Park, New York, 1936


The Fleet Is In, San Francisco, 1934


The Oracle, 1949


Car Hops, Early Drive-in Restaurant, Hollywood, California






Automobiles Parked at a Beach. Oregon, 1934


Car by the Lake. British Columbia, 1934


Entrance to her Garden. Victoria, British Columbia, 1934


“Eat in Car” Early Drive-in Restaurant, Hollywood, 1935


Parking in the Park


The Cry


Between Acts


Two Midget Clowns


A Buddhist Monk Stands Before Two Giant Guardian Gods in the Entrance Hall of the Hsi Shan Temple


Dragon and Guardian Frighten Evil Spirits Away from Hsi Shan Temple


From the Walls of the Western Mountain Temple Covered with Multicolored Statues of the 500 Lohans



High Ride



At a Tribal Festival Kachin Girls Wearing Silver Jewelry as a Display of Wealth



Soldiers Selecting Silver Jewelry at a Small Town Market



Hindu Boy and Holy Cow at the Juggernaut



Royal Rowboat Sculpture



Beneath a Giant Guardian: The Fortune Teller



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