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Emmet Gowin

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Emmet Gowin (born 1941 in Danville, Virginia) is an American photographer.
After graduating from Richmond Professional Institute (now Virginia Commonwealth University) in 1965, Gowin attended the Rhode Island School of Design. While earning his MFA, Gowin studied under influential American photographers Harry Callahan and Aaron Siskind.
Gowin teaches at Princeton University and lives in Pennsylvania with his wife Edith.
Gowin first gained attention with his intimate portraits of his wife and family. His almost exclusive use of a large format camera led to both optical and darkroom experiments. Using a 4x5 lens with an 8x10 camera allowed Gowin to expose the full image circle, surrounded by a dramatic vignette, in his family portraits and rural landscapes.
Beginning with a trip to Washington State soon after Mt. Saint Helens erupted, Gowin began taking aerial photographs. For the next twenty years, Gowin captured strip mining sites, nuclear testing fields, large-scale agricultural fields and other scars in the natural landscape.
Gowin received a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1977 and a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship in 1979.


Matera, Italy


Copper Ore Tailing, Globe, Arizona


Nancy and Dwayne, 1970


Mining Exploration near Carson City, Nevada, 1988


Aeration Pond, Toxic Water Treatment Facility, Pine Bluff, Arkansas, 1989


Off Road Traffic Pattern along Northwest Shore of the Great Salt Lake, Utah, 1988


Old Hanford City Site and the Columbia River, Hanford Nuclear Reservation near Richland, Washington, 1986


The Abandoned and Condemned Village of Times Beach, Missouri, 1989


Weapons Disposal Trenches, Tooele Army Depot, Utah, 1991


Air Exhaust Shaft and the Razed Village of Libkovice in a Poisoned Landscape, Bohemia, Czech Republic, 1992


Subsidence Craters, Northern End of Yucca Flat, Nevada Test Site, 1996


 Sight Markings and Areas Cleared of Radioactive Soils, Frenchman Flat, Nevada Test Site, 1996


Sedan Crater, Area 10, Northern End of Yucca Flat Looking South, Nevada Test Site, 1996


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